Kyle Osteen

About Me

I’m Kyle Osteen, educated, degreed and certified fitness professional and movement therapist. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Exercise Sports Sciences and Exercise Physiology as well as a Certified American College of Sports Medicine Sports Physiologist, I help my clients create their healthiest bodies in the shortest time possible by creating body transforming exercise programs and holistic nutritional fitness plans, without having to step foot in the gym.


As a husband and father, I know the importance of taking care of yourself so you can take care of others. As a movement therapist, I take my responsibility of taking care of my clients' bodies before, during and after each workout with the highest regard. It is very easy to be harmed by a trainer who does not take training or therapy seriously as a profession. I am a certified and degreed professional in this field. I am continually improving my craft in order to care for my clients. As your movement therapist, I will use both my educational and learned skills to provide you with the best workout and eating plan for your particular body type and situation.

In addition, and most importantly, I take care of your recovery, reduce injury, and correct dysfunctional muscle compensations with NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) and Propioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex therapy (P-DTR). Muscle compensations can be triggered through trauma, previous exercising with improper form or compensating while performing daily tasks to reduce fatigue. As an NKT and P-DTR therapist, I work to first identify where muscles may be abnormally behaving then help to restore them to the proper balance and form. More specifically, these practice target increased mobility, accelerated injury recovery, improved muscle coordination, improved performance for both athletes and in everyday workout and relieves stress from routine repetition.

My philosophy isn't to make you as skinny as possible. I will give you your best, healthiest body possible in the most convenient way, without adding another stop on your errands list.