You Work Out At What Time?

Are you an early bird or a night owl? The answer may affect more than you think.

A study out of Skidmore College in New York found that the time of day you work out has an effect on peak performance of different areas of the body.

After evaluating the time of day of the workouts of 27 women over a 12-week period, results concluded that those that worked out in the morning had greater improvements in the areas of blood pressure, fat mass, abdominal fat mass, and lower body power. Those that typically worked out in the evening or nighttime saw greater gains in upper body muscle strength, endurance, and overall power.

Of course, any time you can get a workout in is beneficial to your overall health, but this study gives us good excuse to hit the snooze button on arm day!

No matter the time of day, I can help you reach your fitness goals within your schedule.

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