Debunking The Jock Stereotype

Think back to some of your favorite TV shows and movies. The “jock” character was always the biggest, strongest kid in the school but was never very successful in the classroom. Think Biff from “Back to the Future”, Johnny from “The Karate Kid”, or Bluto from “Popeye”.

A study published in The Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine turns this stereotype on its head…or rather its brain.

The study found a direct link between muscular fitness and cognitive health in school-age children. Specifically, more than 75 children between the ages of 9 and 11 participated in muscular (upper-body, lower-body, and core) exercise assessments, tasks to assess memory, and math and reading achievement tests. Results concluded that children with greater muscular fitness performed more accurately on the cognitive health tests than those with lower levels of muscular fitness.

There are many other studies linking the aerobic fitness of children to healthier academic performance, and now we know that muscular performance can even further enhance a child’s classroom success.

Don’t take your 3rd grader to the streets to flip tires just yet. Give me a call and I can help put a plan together to promote muscular health of all ages!

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