Stop the Diet Cycle

Does this situation sound familiar?

It’s Sunday night and you’re eating one last bowl of ice cream because tomorrow you’re officially going to start your diet. Monday comes and you are pumped. You make a green smoothie for breakfast (it tastes gross but you’re going to lose that weight!), you eat a salad for lunch (ranch is ok because the rest is just leaves, right?), you eat chicken and veggies for dinner and post-dinner you hit the gym. Great! You did it! You are well on your way to kick-starting your new healthier routine.

But throughout the week your will power is weaker and weaker. One “Taco Tuesday” turns to “We’ll Try Again Tomorrow Wednesday” and by Sunday you’re having that one last bowl of ice cream again.

Did I just describe your last week or month or year? This cycle is something I hear and experience a lot, so you are definitely not alone.

It’s easy to start the week strong and lose motivation by the end because work, kids, and life are always getting in the way! Obviously, it’s important to do your best every week to get into a consistent routine of taking care of your physical health, but even I didn’t realize how much science backs that up.

Earlier this year, a study was completed that looked at the relationship between frequency of strength training and body composition. Sure, the results are going to say that the more you work out, the better your body composition is going to be BUT it’s the amount of fat loss per day that really shocked me.

More than 250 middle-aged women were studied closely for the amount and frequency of physical activity throughout the week. Of those women, 109 of them were resistance trained women. For each day of the week that the resistance trained women participated in physical activity, their body fat percentage was measured at 1.3 points less than the non-resistance trained women. This may not sound like much but it equates to 1.5 pounds each day!

Let’s do a little math. Let’s say these resistance trained women work out two days per week. That would be three pounds lighter. Up that to four days and they’re down six pounds overall and 5.3 body fat percentage points!

Remember, this is over time and in general. This is not to say if you start strength training tomorrow and train 10 days straight you’re going to drop 15 pounds. But don’t be discouraged, a consistent strength training routine WILL change your body composition and I can help you do just that!

Set up a schedule with me and we can get you started on a consistent routine that will keep you motivated all throughout the week.

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