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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a gym?

No, a gym is not required. I am an in-home training professional. I bring all equipment and can train right in your living room if you do not have a designated training space.

How much equipment or space do I need?

All you need is a small area approximately 6 feet by 6 feet, a great space is a play room clear of toys or furniture, or the space in your living room where you might keep a coffee table. I bring any equipment, if needed.

I have a back/knee/elbow/etc. injury. Can I still train?

Absolutely! I have worked with multiple clients who come to me with injuries. My goal is to work through injuries safely and return injured bodies to optimal function.

How often should I train with you?

The ideal frequency varies from person to person. The American College of Sports Sciences (ACSM) recommends two to four resistance training sessions per week, however, this is all dependent on your health and fitness goals. Your needs will be assessed when you sign up and reassessed as needed.

Why can’t I just do cardio?

Cardiovascular exercise is great for increasing heart and lung capacity, however, it does not provide the proper stimulus to build muscle needed for your body to function at its fullest capacity. Resistance training allows you to train beyond your body weight, work through various ranges of motion, and target muscles not involved in cardiovascular activities.